Becoming a Cycling City: Why Bicycling is Important for Seattle and You


The objective was to create an informational website that informed the public about topics related to biking within the city of Seattle. My partner and I were responsible for creating infographics and creating a functional web page that would convey a clear message.

We wanted to focus on the importance of biking and raise awareness to the positive impact that a transition towards becoming a more bike friendly city can have.

Visit a pdf version here! Link to fully coded version of the site coming soon.




Biking is accessible and important for all ages. These playful buttons give people a range of options to chose from and add to the excitement around promoting biking. They would be a fun take away to have during promotional events, such as tabling at local farmers markets.



Posters raise awareness for the initiative around the city. They encourage people to get out and ride.



Amber Scoville

I worked with Amber to develop the illustrations and infographics. I played a role in research and concept development for infographics, as well as final execution. I was responsible for coding of the website. I later developed the logo and button concepts.