Community Grown: Engaging the Community in the Growth of Garden Networks


My partner and I teamed up with a group of organizations in Seattle’s Central District. Our goal was to strategize and design tools for increasing the volunteer base within their community garden network.

We developed Community Grown and provided an outreach strategy to better engage the community. The primary focus is raising awareness through events and getting people excited about the potential impact that a new garden can have.




We wanted to empower the community and make sure that they felt involved and heard. The installation board allows opportunity for community engagement. Individuals can share their ideas and opinions and play a role in the future of the garden.



One obstacle that we found when working with Clean Greens is that people often don’t know what to do with the produce that they have access to. We sought to combat this by developing recipe cards that provided fun ideas for meals to make!



Community Grown brings together the community in the area through events that help promote the mission. Local partnerships  with artists and restaurants aim to bring people out events so that they can have a good time and learn about the new garden.